BBJ: Facebook scoping out Kendall Square office space

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The Boston Business Journal is reporting that Facebook is looking for Kendall Square real estate to serve as home base for three dozen new software engineer hires in the area.

It joins the ranks of other Silicon Valley giants with strong Kendall Square presences: Google and Microsoft have large research and development centers in Kendall, and Twitter bought its way to a major presence with two recent acquisitions.

Even notoriously homebodyish Apple has shown signs of a Kendall presence.

Scott Kirsner notes that this will not be Facebook’s only local presence: A select group of Facebook engineers have been working out of WorkBar Boston, though that practice appears to have been on a very case-by-case basis.


Update: Two tipsters note some more traditional innovators with connections to the area. An Oracle employee emailed:

“Just fyi, Oracle has several hundred employees/engineers with the office in Kendall (ex ATG and ex Endeca folks are all together now at 1 Main)’’.

Those Endeca folks had been shacked up in Kendall before the company’s 2011 acquisition by Oracle.

And Lessismore shares a timely history lesson in the comments:

“Cambridge has a long history with communications technology. When traditional books were in their heyday, Cambridge had the Riverside Press on Memorial Drive,’’ they wrote. “They published many famous books including Winston Churchill’s 6 volume history of World War II for which he won the Nobel Prize in literature.’’

The presses keep rolling …

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