TechSandBox officially launches innovation hub in Metrowest

–Courtesy of Barb Finer

TechSandBox, a start-up accelerator and innovation hub for Metrowest, has officially launched, securing office space from Becker College as well as backing from a number of key sponsors and a board of directors.

Scott Kirsner has previously highlighted TechSandBox and its founder, Barb Finer, and so far the project appears to be going right on schedule (Finer also merited a nod as an Innovation Amplifier).

“By providing us with a physical space, Becker College is the thought-leader that has stepped up to the plate to help us get started,’’ Finer wrote in an email. “We couldn’t have started without the support of hundreds of helpful people in our eco-system and especially our Founding Sponsors.’’


Finer told me that the center can house about 20 entrepreneurs, focused in the science or technology spaces across all industries and applications.

TechSandBox recently crowdfunded a launch party for the center to raise funds and awareness around the center’s goals, and that kick-off party is still scheduled for late May.

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