Gozaik uses Twitter to help job hunters find and woo employers in under 140 characters

Michael Brown’s resume on Gozaik, a new service that helps applicants and employers connect through Twitter.
Michael Brown’s resume on Gozaik, a new service that helps applicants and employers connect through Twitter.

It used to be job hunters broke out the coffee and Sunday morning classifieds. Now, Gozaik wants to help searchers tap into Twitter for career opportunities and to market their skill sets and showcase their personality with an updated take on the resumé.

The service aggregates job postings it finds on Twitter, as well as helping employers craft Twitter-friendly job postings, and then gives users creative, custom homepages that can include images and video in addition to the typical resumé fare of skills, education, and experience.

“Right now, employers tweet their jobs to their followers. If you’re Coca-Cola, you have plenty of followers to share with, but a lot of other Fortune 500 companies and small and medium sized businesses don’t have that,’’ said Joe Budzienski, co-founder of Gozaik. “With Gozaik, our entire network sees that.’’


Budzienski said social media can help both busy companies and job seekers more quickly find the right match, recounting how he had previously been frustrated when a job posting on Monster.com lead to an almost insurmountable pile of applicants but very few that seemed like a genuine good fit.

(Incidentally, Monster.com, still one of the job hunt giants, was born and raised in Massachussetts.)

When he Tweeted the job with relevant hashtags and a to-the-point message, fewer but better matched applicants applied, and he was able to quickly get a feel for what the applicants were like from their social media presence.

That hire, Kelsey Curtis, would later follow Budzienski to Gozaik to manage social media, where she’s been actively recruiting early users, including one Bostonian who liked the ability to showcase who he was both in and out of the office.

“I was looking around LinkedIn and my contacts are pretty good, but finding job opportunities via LinkedIn is actually pretty hard,’’ Michael Brown told me, saying the site is more geared towards recruiters than individual job hunters (Here’s his Gozaik profile).

Michael Brown is using Gozaik to highlight both his professional skills as well as his personal interests to potential employers. —Michael Brown

Brown also hopes the site’s hipper application style will help him find a job environment that matches his personality.


“I don’t want to work in a cubicle farm,’’ he said. “If someone looks at my Gozaik account, they’ll see I’m an engineer who can do x, y, and z, but also go ice climbing.’’

So far, Budzienski said that the company has not had confirmation of a successful job match, but the site only left open beta very recently, and already 42 employers and over 4,000 applicants have already signed up, and its easy to get a sense of the site’s activity by doing a Twitter search for Gozaik.com: The site encourages job applicants and employers to make the process as public and transparent as possible, including tweeting out applications.

“We think it breeds competition and helps people address what they can do better when they apply for jobs,’’ said Budzienski. But he’s also practical to the realities of the job market. “If you’re an employer and you have a secret job or if you’re an employee who is looking to leave a job, we have direct messaging.’’

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