After bombing, TUGG rallies tech sector to raise funds for Red Cross, Children’s Hospital

–Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff

Technology Underwriting Greater Good (TUGG) has started a fund-raising campaign to tap Boston’s tech, investing, and entrepreneurial sectors for relief funds, with donations earmarked for victims and relief efforts after the Boston Marathon bombing Monday.

The campaign, hosted on, has raised over $26,000 so far, supported by groups like Terrible Labs, Twin Focus Capital, and many more within the local start-up and technology sector.

Contributions can be made here.

Philip Beauregard, co-founder and chief executive of Objective Logistics, wrote in to share how the campaign came together:

It came together very quickly and virally, mostly over Twitter. Jeremy from Terrible Labs and I mentioned organizing a blood drive, and the community really galvanized quickly. We had a lot of responses and traffic offering to pitch in – so I called and emailed the local hospitals and Red Cross. They were swamped, and we didn’t want to lose the momentum; amazing community response. So Jeff Fagnan, David Brown and I, along with numerous others put together the fund with the help of TUGG and


The key is there were so many people writing emails and getting word out, facilitating it late into last night. Never quite seen anything like it. We’re already at 27K in 18 hours and counting. The monies will be going to the children, victims and family of any affected by the blasts; we’re still earmarking the funds and deciding on which charities are most appropriate. We’ve contacted the BAA, all of the hospitals, the Red Cross, and some other smaller groups. Jeff and David Brown, along with Chris Lynch are spearheading. 100% of the amounts raised will be divied up as such and will have DIRECT impact. We’re startups, so we don’t believe in inefficiencies or bureaucracies – so this money won’t be going to paying anyone’s salary at some 501c3. It will land directly in the hands of those most in need.

And now, I probably should get back to my day job. Not much sleep and if I don’t get my work done, Jeff Fagnan will fire me (and you can publish that) 🙂

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