As shock site releases ‘game’ mocking Boston Marathon bombing victims, tech community raises almost $300k

A new game by a shock site mocks the Boston Marathon bombing, while Boston’s own tech community raised over $287,793 for victims.

The Hive recently ran a multi-part series on violence in video games (1, 2, 3, 4), but none of those pieces touched on content as tasteless as “Boston Marathon: Terror on the Streets!’’ which places players as a pixelated runner amid the trauma of the marathon, dodging pressure cookers to reach the finish line.

A video demo of the game being played is posted on YouTube, with the poster noting the game was hastily made to play off of the terrorist attack.


“We made this during the last weekend and wanted to get it out while the incident is still fresh and people haven’t still forgotten about it,’’ wrote the video’s poster.

Statistics and Boston facts scroll under the bottom of the screen, while cartoon caricatures of victims and attackers pass by the player’s avatar.

The game has been widely decried, but Boston’s own tech and gaming community have kept a more positive focus: The TUGG campaign that both Scott Kirsner and I noted previously has wrapped up, raising $287,793 for victims and announcing where the money will be going:

— $100,000 to One Fund Boston.

— $50,000 to Who Says I Can’t Foundation.

— $50,000 to Semper Fi Fund (managed through America’s Fund).

— $25,000 for Bucks for Bauman.

— $25,000 for Help for Patrick and Jess.

— $25,000 in Memory of Martin Richard.

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[Game tip via Eric Randall]

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