Cocktails, shaken or stirred? New theater offers an app for that

–Showcase SuperLux

The Names blog noted the bold-faced attendees at the opening of the Showcase SuperLux, but one marquee attendee did not earn a nod: The cocktail-ordering tech handed out with premium ticket.

Hilary Milnes took a deeper look at how SuperLux lets you sit back, relax, and order food and drink without having to miss a pivotal moment of movie magic.

“Each SuperLux seat comes with an iPad equipped with the full cocktail menu, so you can get your buzz on before you even hit the bar post-movie,’’ Milnes noted. “Accidentally use the on-call cocktail button too liberally? The concierge desk in the lobby will call you a cab if you have one $10 cocktail too many.’’

That convenience comes at a price: $28, to be exact, which covers the price of admission and popcorn plus five dollars to food and beverage. The theater also offers “LuxLite’’ tickets for $20.


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