In Florida, man hopes Big Brother NSA can clear him from robbery charges

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that one bank robbery suspect is embracing the upside of Big Brother-style surveillance and asking for secret phone logs — in order to clear him of wrongdoing. The prosecution has been given a week to respond.

A lawyer for Terrance Brown, 40, argued that the National Security Agency should hand over logs to phones his client might have used during a series of 2010 bank heists.

The other suspects, including one put away for life after a robbery-related killing, had their cell records used against them to map out their locations during the string of robberies.

Brown’s phone usage, however, was not monitored since he primarily used MetroPCS, which did not maintain that data.


“The President of the United States has recognized this program has been ongoing since 2006 … to gather the phone numbers [and related information] of everybody including my client in 2010,’’ argued Brown’s attorney Marshall Dore Louis.

It’s hard to tell how serious or effective this tactic will be: Not having a phone at the scene of a crime does not mean not being there, despite how hard a time people have unplugging. And Brown’s wife testified that the defendant did not even own a phone at the time, making him a hard target for even the best and brightest NSA listeners.

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