Streaming peace and quiet for parents everywhere, Netflix lands major deal with DreamWorks

Netflix solves this problem for millions of parents.
Netflix solves this problem for millions of parents. –DreamWorks

Fighting with Amazon to be the HBO for the web, Netflix has struck an exclusive streaming deal with DreamWorks that gives the popular online streaming service over 300 hours of original content, much aimed at the kids market.

DreamWorks library includes the “Shrek’’ movies, “Madagascar,’’ and “How To Train Your Dragon,’’ as MarketWatch reported. Since the deal specifices Netflix will be streaming hundreds of hours of original animated content, we can only imagine the glorious results: House of Shreks, the dark political thriller about how a plotting Donkey hires the Gingerbread Man to off the meddling Three Blind Mice; Arrested Dragon Development, the story of a royal family who lost everything and the one dragon who had no choice but to keep them all together; and endless digitally animated high-brow documentaries we’ll add to our queue, and wince every time a friend mentions.


The first fruits of this partnership are expected to launch in 2014.

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