#TooHotToTweet? Errant Instagram post has Menino craving margaritas and sporting red

–@MayorTomMenino Account

An accidental Instagram post left on Mayor Tom Menino’s official Twitter page had the outgoing mayor sporting red nail polish and kvetching about the heat. Could anyone blame him? It appears an over-eager social media maven is to blame.

The original Tweet read: “Ballot 799 in North End. Almost skipped this one for margs but civic duty won. #toohottovote #masen.’’

It then flashed a pair of red nails and a proud “I Voted’’ sticker.

The mayor’s Twitter account soon after posted an update, making clear his stance on using temperature as an out for civic obligations:

The original Tweet, which appears to have been sent from the Instagram account of Katie Ward, formerly of the City of Boston, was deleted, but not before 140-character jesters could have some fun.

All in all, though, it seems to have been handled better than Sen. Scott Brown’s Bqhatevwr-gate.


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