At Apple’s secretive Kendall office, whispers of Siri leak out

–Scott Kirsner

For months, a small Apple office has intrigued tech watchers. Now, LinkedIn profiles from Apple employees show that the company is bulking up its speech technology, an integral part of Siri that the company has traditionally partnered with Burlington-based Nuance on.

The scoop, like this morning’s on Amazon’s office space, was turned up by Curt Woodward, who drew his conclusions from the LinkedIn profiles of Gunnar Evermann, Larry Gillick, and Don McAllaster.

“You’d have to imagine that sets off alarm bells at Nuance, which has traditionally supplied the speech-recognition technology inside Siri,’’ Woodward wrote. “By opening its own speech-technology office here—stocked with former Nuance employees, no less—Apple could be signaling a move away from relying on Nuance for Siri’s guts.’’


Apple’s Kendall presence was first noted by Scott Kirsner in January.

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