Perkins+Will shows off new design for the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Photo courtesy of Perkins+Will.
Photo courtesy of Perkins+Will.

Perkins+Will has just posted some beauty shots of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, a research campus in East Boothbay, Maine.

The global architectural firm’s Boston office led and managed the design process. The goal of the recently completed project was to create a sustainable and collaborative work environment.

The facility will be used by researchers from around the globe who participate in multi-national expeditions such as the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study, the long-running Atlantic Meridional Transect, and the 2.5 year TARA Oceans research cruise, the firm said.

According to the lab’s website, “Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences seeks to understand key processes driving global ocean ecosystems, their evolution, and their fundamental relationship to life on Earth. The Laboratory’s research ranges from microbial oceanography — examining biological productivity and phytoplankton community dynamics in the world’s oceans at the molecular level — to the large-scale biogeochemical processes that drive interactions between ocean ecosystems and global environmental conditions.’’


The lab is also a participant in international Café Scientifique movement.

“Bigelow Laboratory’s Café Scientifique program is an ongoing series of public gatherings where anyone can join in a conversation about the latest ideas and issues in ocean science and technology,’’ the lab’s website says.

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