Barney Frank tweets on ‘death panels’, his column, and Twitter flip-flop

“I once said I did not intend to Tweet,’’ wrote former representative Barney Frank on Twitter this morning. “As you can tell from reading this, I changed my mind.’’

Massachusetts long-time representative, who retired from Congress in January, started taking to Twitter three days ago, apparently after claiming the @BarneyFrank account from a username squatter,according to Roll Call.

So far his missives have been relatively to-the-point. The other three Tweets:

At just over 3,000 followers, Frank’s account is still nascent. Perhaps he can take some publicity tips from former Senator Scott Brown (@ScottBrownMA) whose direct style occasionally caused campaign headaches, but also helped build an audience of over 60,000 followers who had a chance to peak behind typically blank political-speak.


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