‘Allston Xmas’ takes to Kickstarter to tell the ‘loving story of the city’s worst idea’

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A new Boston web series is looking for funding to film a part of the city that hasn’t been typecast to death: The majesty and misery of Allston Christmas.

For many locals, the September 1 moving day turnover is enough reason to get out of dodge and avoid bed the bug-infested mattresses, broken lamps, and other student detritus. For the frugal and feisty with trunk room to spare, it’s a chance to grab some free furniture or flip trash for quick cash.

But director Jared Vincenti (profiled in the Phoenix) and his team, Allston Christmas is pure inspiration that shows a side of Boston Hollywood often manages to avoid.


And so is born “Allston Xmas,’’ the Kickstarter campaign:

If you aren’t sold by the amazing moving guy in the video’s background or the fact that it looks like a series that will captures Boston’s character without insufferable accents, then I’ve got nothing for you.

For $60, you can get an Allston Xmas t-shirt, and if the team hits the lofty stretch goal of $24,000, they’ll pass along half the money to jump start a sequel — with a whole new team — next year.

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