Here are the Boston tech companies in a hiring frenzy

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HubSpot’s $30,000 referral bounty raised eyebrows, but its not the only tech company desperate for talent: A recent study found which tech companies went on a hiring tear last quarter, and identified other up-and-comers that are growing fast.

John Barrett, a managing director at head-hunting firm Cook Associates, said he started scouring LinkedIn to find data about hiring surges and employee purges as a way to pitch his services or poach top talent, respectively, and that his methodology is with about 5 percent either way in predicting corporate headcounts at tech companies.

And last quarter saw a mix of marquee tech names as well as local heroes all scooping up talent. Topping the list: Google, Amazon, and TripAdvisor.


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But there were some surprises in the fast lane, too: Turbine, for example, placed fifth on the list after heavy layoffs last fall. And while Scvngr/LevelUp did not make the top ten hirers, it was tapped as an up-and-comer with strong hiring despite reports it was on the brink and slashing staff.

But while the list offers plenty of bright spots in Boston’s tech scene, Barrett said the area was being held back by two major factors.

The first is a relative lack of venture capital funding for larger seed rounds, a disadvantage which Barrett said had helped New York City hire at a 50 percent faster clip last quarter.

The second disadvantage is that the city has traditionally had smaller outposts of the major tech giants than New York.

“They’re opening massive offices in New York, but they’re not doing it in Boston,’’ Barrett said. “All the growth of web companies here in Boston is groups headquartered in Boston.’’

There’s some hope that might change: News broke over the past weeks of Apple, Amazon, and Facebook all expanding in Kendall Square.

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