After FOIA Request, Area 51’s location finally declassified: ‘Watertown’

–National Security Archive

A newly released document pinpoints the formerly classified location of Area 51, codenamed: “Watertown.’’ But while the newly public information is less titillating than the prospect of little green men, the documents do shed an important light on America’s technological partnerships throughout the Cold War, even if our enemies were only of the terrestrial variety.

The documents were declassified and released as a result of a National Security Archive Freedom of Information Act request.

Another disappointment: The “Watertown’’ referred to in the documents is a nod to Watertown, New York, not Massachusetts, and the actual location was still in Nevada.


“The U-2 guys called it Watertown because that was the hometown of the CIA director at the time,’’ a former Central Intelligence Agency contractor told the Review Journal. “There’s not much really new here but they are officially confirming what has been previously speculated.’’

Read more about Area 51’s historical importance over at the National Security Archive’s blog.

Hat tip to Eric Andersen for noting the connection!

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