For data performance, Infinio offers software solution to hardware problem

What do a financial services business, a software company, and a textile manufacturer have in common?

They all need to store data. And they’re all beta testing a storage performance optimization service by Cambridge startup Infinio, a finalist in the “startup to watch’’ category of this year’s Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council awards. We’re profiling all five on The Hive before the trophy is handed out Sept. 12, but vote now, before balloting closes on Friday.

Infinio has a diverse clientele (though it’s not naming names in beta) because the problem it’s trying to solve is so common: Storage space fills up, network performance slows down, so companies buy more hardware to speed things back up.


There’s an easier, cheaper fix, says Infinio chief executive Arun Agarwal.

“What we’ve identified is that people’s existing hardware has latent resources that can be used,’’ he said. “It’s little bits of RAM and CPU that are going unused. The thing is those resources are scattered throughout the data center. Our software aggregates that RAM and CPU to build up a performance layer.’’

That’s right — software. Of course, at some point, you need more hardware, but with Infinio maximizing efficiency, at least you get the most out of what you have.

And you’ll be able to get it with a simple download from Infinio’s website. The company plans to open the door to public beta testers during the VMworld conference in San Francisco at the end of the month, with a hard launch coming in the fourth quarter of this year.

Agarwal won’t say yet what the pricing scale will look like, but he’s promising a less expensive alternative to hardware solutions for storage performance.

“Because we’ve got this low-cost, internet distribution model, we know we can price cheaper and still make money,’’ he said. “That’s what really allows us to be disruptive to some of the other players.’’

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