VA hospitals to get streamlined access to its Impella heart products, Abiomed says

Graphic taken from Abiomed’s website.
Graphic taken from Abiomed’s website.

Abiomed Inc., a Danvers company specializing in heart support technologies, said Monday that it has been awarded a federal contract that allows the company to to make its the Impella platform available through an automated online database for about 169 VA facilities and the 42 Department of Defense hospitals in the US.

Abiomed bills its Impella as “the world’s smallest heart pump.’’

In its press release, Abiomed cited statistics that note that veterans are significantly more likely than non-veterans to have two or more chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

In a statement, Abiomed president, chairman, and chief executive Michael R. Minogue said: “This is a significant opportunity that will allow federal medical facilities to reach even more US military veterans with our Impella technology. Abiomed is committed to helping those who have served our country and ensuring they have the best quality care available.’’


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