Syndax raises $26.6m as it looks to advance drug candidate for breast and lung cancers

Photo taken from company website.
Photo taken from company website.

Syndax Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Waltham company that looks to market treatments for breast and lung cancers, said Tuesday that it has secured a $26.6 million Series B financing.

Participating investors included Domain Associates, MPM Capital, Forward Ventures, and RusnanoMedInvest, Waltham-based Syndax said in a press release. MPM Capital has an office in Boston.

Arlene M. Morris. Photo courtesy of the company.

The company’s lead drug candidate is called entinostat, and the hope is that entinostat can be part of a drug combination that can be effective against breast and lung cancers that become resistant to traditional treatments. Entinostat is about to enter late-stage clinical testing.

In a statement, Syndax chief executive Arlene M. Morris said: “Entinostat represents the most advanced clinical program of an epigenetic therapy in solid


tumors. We have a unique opportunity to help a patient population where safe and effective treatments capable of extending survival are needed desperately. The Series B financing enables us to continue to advance entinostat toward registration, where we believe the opportunity in breast cancer and lung cancer alone exceeds $2 billion.’’

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