Basking in glow of golden iPhone sales, Apple chief Tim Cook joins Twitter, greets fans

Even if they weren’t able to nab one of the new gold iPhones, eager Apple fans at the Palo Alto store got an even rarer treat: Meeting the famously soft-spoken chief executive of Apple.

As Apple’s new set of iPhones go on sale, chief executive Tim Cook, who famously said the company is “doubling down on secrecy,’’ joins Twitter and greets fans at the Palo Alto Apple store.

Not a bad consolation prize as the new iPhones, which help debut Apple’s new iOS 7 and feature updated designs, are becoming increasingly difficult to get ahold of. The new gold iPhone 5s is now reportedly sold out through October, with lucky buyers turning to eBay to try to sell them for as much as $1,500, a $750 profit. Not bad for a night’s work waiting for the phones to go on sale.


One disappointed fan tweeted her loss:

And a picture of the Cook encounter:

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[Hat tip to MacRumors]

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