VMTurbo names Bain Capital Ventures partner Benjamin Nye new CEO

Boston-based software maker VMTurbo said Wednesday it has named Bain Capital Ventures partner Benjamin Nye its chief executive and elevated founder Shmuel Kliger to president.

Nye will continue in his role at Bain, a VMTurbo investor, splitting time between the two businesses.

Kliger, a former vice president of architecture and applied research at EMC, launched VMTurbo in 2010 to help companies manage their virtual data centers. VMTurbo software analyzes a company’s storage and performance demands and provides guidance on how to tailor the data center to meet those needs.

Typically, a company will buy more storage and performance capacity than it actually needs because it is unsure of demand, and wants to play it safe. VMTurbo takes out the guesswork.


It’s like throwing a party. You don’t know exactly how many people will show up or how much food they will eat, so you just buy a ton to make sure no one goes hungry — and wind up with a lot of waste at the end of the night. Imagine if, instead, someone could tell you precisely what your invited guests will consume.

“And on top of that, if you knew that Domino’s would deliver fresh pizza for you every 30 minutes as needed, then you would not have to buy so much up front, and you would have the opportunity for real-time expansion if more people show up,’’ said Nye, who was sporting enough to play along with my illustration. “It’s a strained analogy, but the point is we can actually do that.’’ For data, not pizza.

Back in real life, VMTurbo’s platform is used by more than 9,000 cloud service providers and enterprises around the world, including Xerox, H&M and Aon. A client survey by TechValidate showed that the savings enjoyed by VMTurbo customers pay for the software in about three months.

“Businesses all buy technology based on doing more with less,’’ Nye said. “It’s a return-on-investment-based sale. This is the best ROI in the business.’’

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