Flagship VentureLabs launches Pronutria

Photo taken from company website.
Photo taken from company website.

Flagship Ventures, a Cambridge venture capital firm, said Tuesday that its “innovation foundry,’’ Flagship VentureLabs, has launched a company called Pronutria, which is emerging after two years in the stealth mode.

Helped by a $10.8 million Series A investment, Pronutria is focused on creating “a revolutionary platform for identifying protein nutrients from within the human diet that have potent pharmacological effects, opening a vast untapped source of safe, breakthrough medicines,’’ its website says.

As a result, the company is looking at pharmaconutrients, a class of pharmacologically active nutrients found in the human diet.

“By tapping into the enormous power of amino acid pharmacology, and with the large library of protein nutrients that can deliver it, Pronutria plans to build pharmaconutrients into a major class of new products,’’ the company’s press release said.


The release included a statement from Noubar Afeyan, co-founder of Pronutria and managing partner and chief executive of Flagship Ventures. 

‘‘Pharmaconutrients such as Lovaza and Niaspan have established the power of improving health and treating disease through pharmacologically active nutrients that were sold initially as dietary supplements and later, in more potent form, as drugs,’’ Afeyan said. ‘‘By focusing on the immense diversity of the proteins in our diet, Pronutria has discovered a much larger pharmaconutrient opportunity that it is mining through its unique ProNutrein product platform.’’

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