Drupal holding hackathon to work on open-source CMS

There’s an exciting global event coming up where talented people from all over the world will come together and sprint.

I’m not talking about the Olympics. I’m talking about the Drupal 8 Global Sprint. And unlike the upcoming Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, this weekend’s Drupal hackathon still has room for you.

Drupal, of course, is a popular open-source content management system. It runs about 2 percent of the world’s websites — not a huge share but an enormous raw number.

More than a million contributors from 230 countries make Drupal work and, from time to time, a bunch of them get together to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. The Global Sprint is one of those times.


Sprint events are happening in 30 cities worldwide, and there’s one in Boston Saturday at Genuine Interactive. It’ll probably be the coolest because it’s sponsored by Acquia, whose chief technology officer, Dries Buytaert, created Drupal.

Naturally, organizers are looking for coders, but they also want folks who aren’t part of the regular hackathon crowd to come along.

“Traditionally, the notion of a hackathon has always had this shadow of attracting the developer,’’ said Jeannie Finks, Acquia’s client advisory manager. “But the landscape has changed so that different talents contribute to the whole. You look at usability, designers, writers — all these people are just as important.’’

So if you’re around, or even if you aren’t (there are 15 Google hangout spots available), think about signing up. Just don’t think too long. Registration ends today.

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