More layoffs at local gaming company Turbine

Online gaming company Turbine Gaming has reportedly laid off an unspecified number of employees according to its parent company Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.

Turbine, which was acquired by Warner Bros. in 2010, is one of the biggest gaming companies in the Boston area. The company is best known for its Dungeons & Dragons and Lord of the Rings themed massive multiplayer online games (MMO).

Recently, Turbine has been developing an online battle arena game (MOBA), called Infinite Crisis, which is based on characters from the DC Superhero Universe. Infinite Crisis is expected to officially launch at some point in 2014 and is the first game Turbine has created since its Warner Bros. acquisition.


The latest round of firings comes after some October layoffs. Before the first round of cuts, Turbine employed over four-hundred employees.

The news was first reported by a few video game media outlets and was confirmed by VentureBeat.

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