With a new baby every four minutes, Ovuline apps have now tracked 50,000 pregnancies

–Hallmark Health

Cambridge pregnancy app company Ovuline announced Tuesday that users have reported 50,000 pregnancies using their software, a current rate of one pregnancy every four minutes.

A year ago Scott Kirsner wrote about the Tech Star graduate raising $1.4 million in venture capital. Then in November the Hive followed up when Ovuline announced their expansion from fertility into the realm of prenatal care.

Since the beginning of 2013, the Ovuline team has tripled in size, according to the company. At least five of those hires came since November.

Ovuline’s team also stands out because, unlike much of the tech industry, it’s mostly female.


Ovuline’s total users now number in the hundreds of thousands growing at a rate of 50,000 per month, Ovuline chief executive and founder Paris Wallace said.

Eighty percent of those users wield the Ovia Fertility app with the rest using the recently launched Ovia Pregnancy app.

In 2014, Ovuline users can also expect Android support for the company’s two apps, the company noted in a release.

“Ultimately we see ourselves as a women’s health platform,’’ said Wallace.

The company reports having more than 50 million user-submitted data points positioning them favorably to expand beyond pregnancy and fertility.

“Right now we’re focused on fertility and pregnancy, but we’re going to continue to expand the breadth of that platform in the future,’’ Wallace said.

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