#AmazonCart Hashtag Debuts to Help Simplify Online Shopping

Just in case you were having some issues shopping on Amazon.com, the online retailer has teamed up with Twitter to help simplify the Internet shopping experience.

The #AmazonCart hashtag was officially introduced Monday morning, encouraging Twitter users who see tweets of enticing products sold on Amazon.com to reply with the hashtag, which then puts those items in the users’ Amazon shopping carts.

The online emporium’s website has detailed instructions on how to connect your Twitter account to Amazon.com, which is a necessary step in the process.

The Wall Street Journal reported that there are some potential drawbacks to the new hashtag.

While the hashtag system is an easy one to use, it is a public broadcast of what you hope to buy, not to mention free advertising for Amazon, powered by you and your tweets. Julie Law, an Amazon spokeswoman, said that the Twitter collaboration isn't about turning customers into promotional machines, though.

CNET noted that the hashtag is being marketed as a convenience to users but, of course, the bottom line is the bottom line.

It's potentially a new business model for Twitter, which so far has relied on sponsored tweets for revenue, but has struggled both with growth and figuring out a way to make money off its 255 million monthly active users. For Amazon, adding another convenient way for its consumers to buy products just fuels its primary business.

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