Reebok Is Making Bulletproof Fitness Gear

A women runner stretched before her run.
A women runner stretched before her run.

In 2015, Reebok will offer tops, bottoms and footwear made with Kevlar, one of the strongest fibers in the world. This material also happens to be what’s in bulletproof vests.

Chris Froio, vice president for training at Reebok, told The New York Times the new “lighter and stronger’’ garments will be geared toward activities like cross-fit training.

Last time we checked, there hadn’t been a rash of cross-fit-related shootings, but according to Froio (and other athletic wear companies trying out new materials), the main reason for the Kevlar-infused running shorts is the quest for a “unique selling point.’’

Froio told The Times:

“If everyone is using the same types of yarns and the suppliers, the one key thing you need to do is have a unique selling point, something simple to understand that provides a benefit the consumer really values.’’


While apparel sales have risen 1 percent over the 12 months that ended in May, workout clothing sales jumped 8 percent in that time frame – to a $33.4 billion industry – according to NDP Group, a market research company. This competition among athletic wear giants has caused them to get a little, er, creative.

While sports bras made of Kevlar might hold up well to numerous washings, we still feel as though athletic wear made from the same material as flak vests is a touch over the top. But who knows, maybe Katniss Everdeen would order it.

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