This Construction Company Basically Won at Snow Melting This Winter

–Eric Silva

Greene Construction, based in Allston, has melted 4,200,984 cubic feet of snow so far this winter, according to Tim Connaughton, field operation manager.

That’s a lot of snow.

To put this volume in perspective, the fair territory at Fenway Park is just under 99,000 square feet, according to Ballpark Sourcebook. That means if all the melted snow from this single construction company were piled between the foul lines, it would be almost 42.5 feet high. If 5’8’’ Dustin Pedroia were to teeter on the top of the 37-foot Green Monster, the snow pile on the field would come up to his eyes.

The city of Boston melted over 50,000 tons of snow this winter working with four separate companies, according to the mayor’s office. Snow on average weighs 15 lbs per cubic foot, meaning the city has melted an estimated 6.6 million cubic feet of snow. However, each individual company would only then be responsible for 1.6 million cubic feet of snow if the melting efforts were split evenly.


The company has managed snow since 1968 and enforces a “black and clear’’ standard for hospitals in the Longwood area, making sure their sidewalks and parking lots are accessible for emergency personnel.

The company’s two giant melters look like smoking railroad cars. They’re so powerful that they’re usually used at airports. Greene Construction is the only construction company in the Northeast that owns melters of this size, according to Greene.

Adria Ferragamo, vice president of business development at the company, said that snow management has become one of the most important facets of the business, and for owner Bob Greene.

“The Longwood medical community has the best hospitals around and I think him being there — especially during the snowstorm — helps Boston,’’ Ferragamo said. “In the past, we have had snowstorms that have stopped the city from moving, but we were out there. When he is melting snow, we are running 24/7, but it is crucial that those hospitals remains open for life-threatening situations.’’

Connaughton’s team focuses on snow management and removal efforts over the winter. So far this year, the company has spent 20,165 man hours managing snow, using 112,534 gallons of fuel to move 8,544 truck loads of snow. Eventually it was melted. Eventually.

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