Meet the robotic bricklayer building houses in two days

They don’t call this RoboMason? They should call it RoboMason.

Hadrian, the robotic bricklayer.
Hadrian, the robotic bricklayer. –PerthNow

His name is Hadrian. He’s a robot, and he can lay a home’s exterior frame in nearly 2 days.

But, if you want a house built in a hurry, you’re going to have to wait a while. Or move to Australia.

Aussie engineer Mark Pivac has made what he’s calling the first fully automated bricklaying robot, which is a major leap forward considering most all bricklaying is done today the same way it’s been done since ancient Egypt: by hand, with a ton of manpower.

But, on the subject of automating the age-old process, Pivac tells PerthNow “we’re at a technological nexus where a few different technologies have got to the level where it’s now possible to do it,’’ and he hopes to be at the cutting edge.


Hadrian has a system that will determine the location of every brick using a 3D CAD system. Then, it will cut each brick individually and lay them in sequence. It doesn’t need to move much, as its 28-foot arm is adroit enough to move, lay bricks, spread mortar, and leave space for wiring and piping.

No word on how it looks in a neon green vest, but Pivac does hope to develop and sell it in Australia before taking it worldwide.

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