The Charles River is now virtual

Thanks to Google’s Street View project and Charles River Conservancy.

A photo taken by Google's "Trekker" camera of the Charles River Esplanade. –Screenshot

You can now see the Charles River as if you were on the water or the pedestrian paths anytime and anywhere.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google Maps and the nonproft Charles River Conservancy worked together in October to capture panoramic views of the river from the Watertown Dam to Boston Harbor with Google’s “Trekker’’ camera.

The virtual river is now here, and will go live on Thursday, according to BetaBoston.

The photos will be unveiled at the Charles River Conservancy’s “River Stories III’’ event Thursday at 6 p.m. in Kendall Square, the site reported.

See a preview of the interactive images at BetaBoston.

Evan Bradley , with the Charles River Conservancy, photographs the Charles River with Google’s famous street-mapping Trekker camera. —Suzanne Kreiter / The Boston Globe
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