Will stacking shelves be a resume killer?

Q: I lost my job about 4 months ago. I was a Director of Marketing at one of the financial services companies that is really hurting right now. I have networked my heart out, searched every appropriate job board, met with a few search firms and answered any ad that I thought was a fit. Nothing has materialized. I need to bring income into the house. I have a family of four to feed and take care of. How bad will it look on my resume to take a job at a supermarket right now just to bring cash into the house?

A: It sounds like a very responsible thing to do in my mind. Many laid off workers are taking less responsible and lower paying jobs right now so they can bring money into the house. When the economy improves, there should be no problem explaining this digression in your career path. You are simply doing what you must do for your family.

Be sure to take advantage of the unemployment insurance that you are entitled to. If the economic stimulus package passes, it is possible that unemployment insurance will be extended until the end of the year. This should help the thousands of out-of-work folks who desperately need to bring in income to meet their bills. Hang in there! Take work where you can find it.
It may help stretch your unemployment insurance for an even longer amount of time. Try to carve out time each week to continue to job search. May I also put in a plug for looking at a non-profit organization for work. I am sure there is one that would welcome your skill set and may be able to hire, even in this environment.

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