Temp and volunteer work on a resume?

Q. When doing a resume can you list temp or volunteer jobs that you had worked at in the past?

A. In a word, absolutely! And you should. Temporary, contract or consulting roles should all be included in your resume if they add value. Also volunteer positions should also be included if they add value.
You raise a good point though. How to present the temporary or volunteer role on the resume?
One way that I have seen that is particularly effective for a temporary or contract role is as follows:
Executive Secretary ABC Company (through XYZ Staffing) 2006-present
Using this format, you have named the client company and also the temporary company that had placed you at this company. Especially if the client company (in this example, ABC Company) is a well-known company, you want to be certain you have that widely recognized name on your resume. However, it is helpful to also provide the temporary service’s name. The reason? The temporary services firm has your employment records and can confirm important information for a prospective employer (information like your title, dates of employment and the like).
For positions held on a volunteer basis, it depends whether the role is performed on a full-time or part-time/as needed basis. For a full-time role, I would suggest using a similar format to the one already provided. Example:
Event Chairperson XYZ Foundation 2008-2009
If the positions held on a volunteer basis were performed on a less than full-time basis, one option is to list your volunteer experiences toward the end of your resume. Example:
Other Experience:
• HPTA Co-chair for Special Events
• Treasurer for JKL Foundation
One related comment. I usually suggest that job seekers not use the word “volunteer” on their resume unless there is no other alternative. My reasoning is simple. Some hiring managers or recruiters may assume that volunteer positions are easy, simple and are not “real work.” Frankly, some volunteer positions may fall in that bucket but some truly do not. Often volunteers work tirelessly for a cause because they are passionate about the mission of that cause — whether it is for their children’s school or a disease that has affected a loved one.
Finally, many new and transferrable skills can be learned or improved in a contract, temporary or volunteer position. Good luck in the writing of your resume.

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