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Q: I am an independent consultant and have been fortunate to have had several long-term, and high-profile clients. In the past, I’ve also had part-time work running concurrently with a client project. I’ve got loads of experience, and would like to get a full time position with a company but what I am finding is that my resume (to some recruiters) looks like I am a job hopper, when in reality, its a series of back to back long term contracts (6 -12 months+), though I explain to screeners that its “the nature of the beast” so to speak, I can’t get past the fact that my CV looks choppy. Is there a better way to highlight my experience and skills with these companies without it looking like I can’t hold a job?

A: You ask a great question. It is probably a very relevant challenge for many job seekers right now. Independent contracting, free lancing and consulting are more often part of a professional worker’s employment history – now more than ever before.
One alternative to consider is the following format:
XYZ LLC (the name of your consulting business) 1999 – present
Experienced independent consultant working closely with a variety of
high-profile clients, including ABC Inc., QRS LLC, SSS Inc., and YYY Inc. Specific areas of expertise include public relations, media relations, web analytics, copy writing, event and tradeshow management. Projects include:
– Re-engineered …..
– Developed innovative method….
– Launched new system…
Using this format, it clearly demonstrates and articulates your areas of expertise. It also identifies your recognizable client names and describes sample projects that you have worked on. Perhaps most importantly, it presents your professional work history in a cohesive and logical manner — without setting off those yellow flags. If you don’t have a company name to list at the top, consider using the name that you have used for your independent contracting assignments (think about what name you put on the invoice to your clients).
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