Waiting for the call – telephone interview tips

Q:It has been a long time since I’ve had to look for a job, so the concept of the phone interview is new to me. If you have a phone interview scheduled and the person doesn’t call, should I call them? How long past the scheduled time should I wait before I call?

A: Telephone interviews have certainly grown in terms of popularity as a hiring practice. It is a method of quickly screening candidates without either party having to tangle with the logistics of an in-person interview (e.g., weather, traffic, etc.).

Confirming a telephone interview in advance may eliminate some of the “who calls whom” confusion. If you don’t hear from an interviewer by the pre-agreed upon time, you should call them at a few minutes past the designated time.


Telephone interviews are as important as in-person interviews.

Some telephone interview tips:

1. Confirm the telephone interview in advance. Email works well for confirming a telephone interview. A sample email message:

Hi John, Thanks for inviting me to participate in the telephone interview for the role of Inside Sales Rep. As I recall, you had suggested that I call you at 10am on Tuesday, November 10th. I will plan on calling you at that time on 617-123-4567. In case you need it, the best number for me at that time is 508-123-4567. I look forward to hearing from you at that time.

2. If using a cell or cordless phone, make sure the reception is good. This is probably my biggest pet peeve with telephone interviews. I prefer using a non-cordless landline on my end. However, some candidates use a cell phone almost exclusively. This is fine. But please make sure the reception is good and that the phone has been charged. There is nothing more frustrating than a dropped call, a line that goes dead or a spotty connection.

3. Be prepared for the call. Your total focus should be on that call. You should not schedule a call for when you are food shopping or waiting for your oil change in a noisy auto repair garage.

4. Be as prepared for the call as you would be for an in-person interview. Have your resume with you. Research the company in advance.

5. Follow up after the call. Don’t leave the follow up hanging or else you won’t know expectations on next steps. For example: John, Thank you so much for taking the time today to talk to me about the Inside Sales Rep. role. When should I follow up? Do you prefer that I follow up by email or a phone call?


6. Stick close to email before and after the call. There are so many strong candidates who apply for every job. Email is probably the best vehicle for notifying candidates of next steps (or even a re-scheduled call). If you are not checking email at least every day (if not several times per day), you may be missing important information about the next steps in the process.

7. Send a thank you note/email after the call. It will make you memorable in a good way.

The selection process for a job starts before you walk into the company to interview for a job. Preparation is important. Think about how you can provide examples of how you have shown value in the past. Prepare a list of accomplishments, achievements, etc.

Finally, a company hires people to add value. Be ready to articulate what you can contribute.

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