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Q: My daughter is looking to major in marketing when she enters college in the fall. I am concerned that she will graduate and be unable to find a job. Help!

A: The field of marketing has evolved quite a bit over the last 10 or so years. Technology has influenced this field dramatically. Your daughter should ensure that part of her curriculum includes the world of online marketing. Smart and successful marketers can drive and sustain a business. This is a critical role for any employer.

Most of my clients look for marketing professionals that have depth and experience specifically in online marketing. Yes, a marketer should still have strong written communications skills to write copy. And they should have some experience in design and layout. However, online marketing skills are hot and in demand. I expect that this demand will only increase over time.

What can your daughter do to ensure success (really a job!) upon graduation?

1. Learn as much about online marketing as possible. Enroll in these courses early. My guess is that these courses would fill up early.
2. Land an internship or summer job in marketing. This experience is critical.
3. Begin to cultivate a network of professionals within business and marketing.
4. Set up a LinkedIn account to further develop her professional network.
5. Become an active blogger. PG-13 or cleaner in terms of content. She doesn’t want anything racy coming back to haunt her when she puts her resume on the street at graduation time.
6. Use Facebook – use it …. but appropriately.
7. Twitter – start using it, again appropriate content only.
8. Learn about web analytics. Most companies want to see the results of their marketing investments.

I asked Perry Allison, VP of Marketing at BiddingForGood for her advice. Her advice: “Every company needs marketing folks of different disciplines. And the technologies that are driving marketing are evolving incredibly rapidly so it’s always fascinating and always changing.”


Lastly, we all have to enjoy what we do every day. If your daughter is passionate about marketing, this is a sound choice for her.

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