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Q: I have been employed with the same company for 12 years. During a transition within my company, I was a manager in a department for 2 months, due to circumstances outside my control. Is it beneficial to include the short 2-month span on my resume? I went from logistics to manufacturing back to logistics, all management positions.

A: Employee and managers are almost always required to be exceedingly flexible in today’s workforce. The situation you have described is a good real-life example. This example demonstrates that you were adaptable and “chipped in” when needed. This is a valuable attribute to many employers so you will want to mention it in your resume. Additionally, you are broadening your skills and adding manufacturing as an area in which you have expertise. You will want to make sure that you mention this in your resume.

However, I would not add it as a separate and distinct role. If you did include it as an additional role, it may appear that your professional work history is “jumpier” and less stable than it is in reality. I would suggest incorporating it as a bullet point under your current position. Assuming you began in a non-management role, and were promoted into a management role, one format to consider is below:

Logistics Manager 2006 – 2011
– Responsibility/achievement 1
– Responsibility/achievement 2
– Managed 12-person manufacturing team for a two-month period during a company transition. (You can add additional detail here about volume, capacity or other metrics that might be meaningful.)

You do want to demonstrate your adaptability and your willingness to cover another area during a company transition. You also want to highlight that you have expertise in several areas, manufacturing and logistics. Many employers are looking for flexibility in their management ranks. This attribute will serve you well in your career.

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