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Q: I have to relocate to Boston from Southern California due to family obligations. I will pay for my move myself, and I have a residence in Massachusetts. I have applied to many jobs via email, but nothing. I’m about to take out a display ad in the Globe. How can I get noticed?

Conducting a job search in Boston from Southern California is a challenge but not an insurmountable one. A hiring manager may be assuming that you expect the company to pay for a move and that your time to start a new role may be delayed.

Here are some options for you to consider:
1. Join Linkedin if you haven’t already. Connect with as many professional contacts as you can, especially in the Boston area. Also join groups that are appropriate for your career and Boston-based professional associations.
2. If you attended college in the Boston area, re-connect with your college or university. Educate yourself about what your alumni association offers.
3. Use your Massachusetts address on your resume.
4. Consider obtaining a Massachusetts cell phone number before you make the move.
5. Be clear in any communication that you expect to pay for a move yourself. Also be clear if you are returning back to the Massachusetts area. To most recruiters, returning to Boston is more appealing than relocating to Boston.
6. While email is one tool, use all online tools to their fullest. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc can all be effective and helpful in a job search.
7. If feasible, consider returning to Boston for a few days during the workweek. Try to schedule 1001 coffee meetings, lunches, quick sandwiches during that period of time. Make sure that you are gracious to all who fit you into their schedules. Send a thank you note to all who meet with you.
8. Use job boards. These can be helpful with your job search, especially those job boards that can help you search in a specific geographic area.
9. Pick up the phone. Call your contacts and search firms. Schedule phone meetings to pick the brains of current and former colleagues.
10. Check daily for who is hiring and who is not.


Job hunting from afar is more challenging than in your own backyard. However, you can be successful.

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