Resume follow-up can be a differentiator

Q: I would be interested to get your opinion on something that I’ve always wondered about when job-searching. In general, after sending in a resume for a job opening, is it okay to email them a week or so later to tell them you are still very interested? A friend told me to do this, but for some reason it just seems pushy to me. Is there a precedent for this? Is it tactless?

One reason I’m wondering right now is because I recently found a job that looks like it would be a great fit. I emailed in my resume on Monday morning. Later on Monday afternoon I noticed that they put up a fresh link where you submit your resume on their internal website. I’m wondering if I better get in touch with them again since I used their “previous method” to send in my resume.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

A: I agree with your friend. Following up in a professional way is a recommended next step. It is a gentle balance between being too aggressive and inappropriate vs. expressing interest and inquiring about the next steps in the selection process.

In your specific situation, I would have probably re-submitted my resume using the new link that was available to job seekers on Monday afternoon. Sometimes these links are created to direct resumes to one certain mailbox or individual. You want to make sure that your resume lands on the right desk.

If you have an internal contact, I would recommend sending that individual a quick email with the job (and job number if there is one) in the subject line. That internal contact may recommend using the link to submit your resume.


Lastly, aggressive follow-up can be tacky, rude and concerning. However, sending a professionally crafted email summarizing your continued interest and identifying the available job can be a positive in your favor.

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