Temping but frustrated

Q: I have been unemployed and doing some temp work for about five months now. I have applied to many jobs and have not had anyone besides temp agencies contact me for interviews. I have had several people look at my resume and cover letter and they said they were both good. I am frustrated and not sure what else to do. Please help!

A: I don’t have a lot of information about your skill set, industry, work history or education. However, let me share some general comments and observations.
You have demonstrated a commitment to your temporary role. This is a positive. You should continue applying for jobs but also focus your efforts. If you enjoy your current work environment, company culture and the content of your current role, you may consider approaching your supervisor and asking about opportunities within this company. Often companies will post open positions on an intranet or a company bulletin board. Check these listings often. There also may be other opportunities within this company, but not within your immediate department.

Don’t close the door on the temporary agencies that are contacting you. More and more of my clients use temporaries as a way to “try before they buy.” They want to employ you on a temporary basis for a short time before they extend you an offer as a full-time employee. Temporary roles can also expose you to new skills, or sharpen old ones. Make it known to the temporary agency that, although temporary roles are fine, your longer term goal is to secure a full-time role with a company.

Like all job seekers, you should be actively networking. Actively networking with colleagues, friends, alums, etc. is a proven way to learn about job opportunities that others might be aware of.

About 75% of your job hunting time should be connecting with people, hopefully in your profession. About 25% of your time should be behind a computer. Often times, job hunters will actually have these percentages reversed during a search.


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