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Q: I am a graphic designer with 10 years of experience and have applied to 119 jobs since moving to MA on Jun 3. I have had zero interviews. I tried doing some follow-up phone calls, but those only resulted in rude “they’ll call you if interested” or instances where I had to just leave a message. No one ever calls back. Please keep in mind that I only apply for jobs that I am 95%+ qualified for. What am I doing wrong???

A: Great question. Your current job hunt strategy is a popular one. As you have discovered though, it is probably not the most effective job hunting strategy.

Your approach to job hunting can sometimes be successful with luck and in a strong economy. However, I would suggest that you revise your job hunting strategy immediately.

Here is what I would suggest:
1. Develop a Linkedin profile. Several years ago, published a great “how to use Linkedin” article. I still share it with job seekers. Here it is:

2. Use Linkedin every day to expand your network. Join Linkedin groups which are affiliated with your profession and your desired geographic location.


3. Network, network and then network more. Connections lead to job opportunities. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. should all know you are looking for a new opportunity.

4. Attending networking events in the area.

5. Consider attending a meetup group. Visit

6. Connect with an employment agency with expertise in the placement of graphic designers.

7. Don’t dismiss contract or temporary opportunities. These opportunities often lead to longer term full-time roles.

8. Never say no to an introduction. If a friend refers you to a former colleague who runs a marketing agency, meet that person. It does not matter whether they have an appropriate opening or not. They may know of an opportunity or put you in touch with another colleague who is hiring.


Finally, firing off resumes to online postings should be one part of your job search strategy. However, developing contacts should be the focus of your job search.

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