Company always hires external candidates

Q: I have been with the same company for about five years. All of my performance reviews have been good and I have a strong relationship with my boss. I also work well with my co-workers both in and out of my department. I like my company for the most part. My company is small and we don’t have a policy for posting jobs internally. I know some larger companies post job internally so employees can apply. When a job opening becomes available, the President never thinks about anyone working might be interested. He always rushes to hire from outside the company. A few of us are sort of irritated by this happening again and again. What do you think about this?


A: It sounds like you enjoy your work, your colleagues and your employer overall. All of these factors are very important to job satisfaction.

I agree with your observation that larger companies often have more formal policies for posting jobs internally. Smaller companies sometimes also post jobs internally but it is less of a formal practice and sometimes done only when someone points it out to one of the business leaders.

I think your President might rush to hire from the outside because no one has asked him to consider looking internally for qualified candidates. Perhaps your manager can request that opportunities can be posted internally. Many companies will post most opportunities, but not all opportunities. Sometimes a required skill is very specialized and it would be challenging to find that specific skill set internally.

I think you raise a valid point. I think your President needs to be aware of this concern and then he may re-consider his past practice of hiring external candidates. Retaining current employees is as (if not more) important as attracting new employees.

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