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Q: Do you know how / where I can find out about upcoming educational seminars in the field of HR in the Boston area? My company often receives brochures for various one-day courses that look interesting, but the participant reviews I’ve read were terrible and they don’t rate well with the Better Business Bureau. Is there a legitimate source you can refer me to? I would like to attend a live event, rather than a webinar. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

A: The first resource that came to mind is the Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA). An affiliate of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), NEHRA is the third largest HR Association in the country.


NEHRA offers a wide variety of programs taught by experienced HR professionals with deep subject matter expertise. If you join NEHRA, you will have access to all programming, their legal database, membership directory and Payscale salary reports.

Tracy Burns, NEHRA’s CEO, provided the following information of what is available in early 2013 through NEHRA:

HR Basics
HR Basics is a program designed for those who have recently been handed HR responsibilities in their current position. Many attendees already have experience in one area of HR, and are looking for the basics in some of the HR areas. The program consists of six modules and includes a free one-year NEHRA membership!

Beyond the Basics
Beyond the Basics is the next step in NEHRA’s programming. It is designed for the HR professional with a least a few years of experience and is ready for a ‘deeper dive’. Offered in six four-hour sessions, the program will prepare you for the transition from technical/content expert to HR leader by building the required skills to be an impactful HR leader in today’s dynamic business environment.

Leadership Level HR
Leadership Level HR courses are designed for the HR professional whose next step is HR leadership (e.g. Director/VP). Courses will focus on increasing self awareness and strategic thinking, along with how to build an HR team and lead organizational/strategic initiatives. This series launches in March of 2013.


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