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All Care Adult Day Health Center

Denise Hurley

Denise is the best of the best. She is the program director at All Care Adult Day Health Center. Denise lights up the room when she enters. Her sunny outlook and her positive attitude carry her through the day. No task is too small for Denise. If something needs to get done, she does it, even if it is cleaning up after a meal for her patients. One of her patient’s daughters wrote: “I would like to express how happy my Mom has been since attending the All Care Adult Day Health Center. She truly feels that Denise and her staff are part of her family.’’ Another daughter wrote: “I am grateful for everything you [Denise] did for my dad. You went an extra 10 miles to make him happy, and he was happy.… You, Denise, are the powerhouse who drives it all. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your medical instincts and training are top-notch, and you deserve a gold medal for perseverance. You didn’t give up on my dad, even when he wouldn’t help himself.’’ Denise can often be found coordinating rides, doctor’s appointments, and even hairdressing appointments for her patients in order to ensure their needs are met. She is a true gem.

—Nominated by Jo-Mary Koopman

All Care Hospice

Lee Machado-Dunham

It is an onerous and daunting challenge for a family to keep its aging parents in their homes. This simply cannot be done without a quality support system. We are grateful to All Care for providing the best in care for our mother as well as the coordination and understanding given to us. As a family, we’ll always be grateful for the support and comfort that Mother’s hospice nurse provided at the end. There is a sense of pride that our family has in having been able to keep our mother and dad in their own home, safe, happy, and comfortable until the end of their lives.


—Nominated by Rachel Russo

Melissa Crowley

Melissa Crowley is an exceptional nurse with years of hospice experience. She shares her expertise with her co-workers in her role of preceptor for new hospice nurses. She is a dedicated, compassionate nurse who puts her patients first and ensures her patients’ needs are met and their questions answered. She is a tremendous resource to patients and families surrounding end-of-life care. Melissa’s pleasant and calm demeanor helps alleviate the anxiety of her patients and their families.

—Nominated by Jo-Mary Koopman

All Care Resources

Linda Repoli

I would like to nominate Linda Repoli from All Care Resources for my care during this time period: 2012.

—Nominated by Patti Taylor

All Care VNA

Alina Carabas

I would like to nominate Alina Carabas from All Care Visiting Nurse Association for my care.

—Nominated by Cynthia Garland

Colleen O’Connell

The YMCA called on All Care VNA to help a resident who was disoriented. The patient was in urgent need of medical care; he was disoriented and had not had any medications for an unknown amount of time. Colleen spent an exceptional amount of time on the phone trying to locate the correct physicians, developing a plan of care, and arranging pick-up to the VA for direct admit. Colleen followed up after-hours to ensure the patient actually got the ride and made it to the VA Hospital. The patient is still in the care of All Care and very much needed the intervention of a dedicated community nurse such as Colleen.


—Nominated by Joanne Saunders

Donald Boudreau

There aren’t enough hours in the day to tell you how great Donald is. I have never met a more caring professional nurse and I have been a case manager for almost 20 years. Donald goes above and beyond, and always has time to answer any questions or concerns that anyone has. The clients adore him and only want Donald; all we hear is how great he does dressings and wraps. He makes all his patients feel special and cared for. When my clients are being discharged from hospitals or rehabs, it is always All Care VNA that I request and that is because of the care Donald gives his patients, my clients.

—Nominated by MaryAnn Barbarisi

Kelly Combs

Kelly Combs, an LPN for All Care VNA, consistently makes an enormous impact in the lives of the patients she cares for. She is one of the most outstanding patient advocates I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Kelly has been with our North Andover office for almost seven years. A large number of clients have requested Kelly as their visiting nurse after meeting her only once. “She is a breath of fresh air,’’ says one patient who lives in a condo complex, and everybody wants her. Patients, families, caregivers, and co-workers often remark on how thorough Kelly is with each patient visit. Kelly sees the whole picture when caring for clients at home. She makes them feel like she has nothing else to do except take care of them. Kelly recently received the “Giraffe Award’’ from a past patient, a US veteran. The way this gentleman prepared this personal award looked as though it was something the military does officially. Citing Kelly for “taking the extra effort to stick her neck out,’’ this man perfectly captured the talents of this remarkable nurse.


—Nominated by Kristine McAloon

Michael Chan

I would like to nominate Michael Chan from All Care Visiting Nurse Association for my care during 2012.

—Nominated by Cynthia Garland

Tayla Pratt-Wildeman

Patient Charles in Lowell called the clinical manager just to let her know how appreciative he was of this “extremely good’’ nurse who “exhibits such a high degree of professionalism and friendliness….She is extremely competent and extremely good in her presentation.’’

—Nominated by Kristine McAloon

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