Nomination Letters – Bedford VA Medical Center

Cynthia Nighelli

It has been a privilege to have Cynthia Nighelli as a nurse practitioner. She provides accurate assessments and is an expert at explaining conditions and effects of treatments. She intervenes in a timely fashion and has good follow-through. She is kind and puts patients at ease. She has a good sense of humor. Though an exemplary professional, Cynthia also presents herself as a friend.

—Nominated by Boniface Cavallaro

Kathy Young

One day in the waiting room at the VA Medical Clinic, a man in a wheelchair sat by a window for 15 minutes. I asked if he needed anything. He said he was waiting for his son. His son came out and asked him something, then shortly came back with a nurse. She went over to the wheelchair and took the man’s hand in hers. She talked to him while swinging his hand back and forth for five minutes, then went back to her office. The son wheeled out his father, who had a big smile on his face. The nurse’s compassion for that man was unbelievable; I was in awe. I finally met the nurse for a blood pressure check. She was Kathy Young, and that was my lucky day. Meeting Kathy made a big change in my life. She always goes over my medical list and has changes made when needed. She is very caring, compassionate, and acknowledges her patients with or without an appointment. She’s not only a lovely nurse, she’s also become a good friend. If you don’t have a medal for her, give her a salute. Please, she deserves it.


—Nominated by Edward Rosenberger

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