Nomination Letters – Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

Nancy Houser

I would like to nominate Nancy Houser from Harvard Vanguard Wellesley for my care in February 2013.

—Nominated by Jean Osborn

Kathleen Narbonne

This past October, my dad was very ill. Kathleen, my girlfriend’s mom, would come to my parents’ house every night after work and help with my dad’s care. She would answer any questions my family had and would help administer medicine when my dad needed it. She put my family at ease, letting us know that if we had an issue, she was always on call. She would come to our house with dinner and stay until midnight or later, wake up and go to work the next day. She was our on-call nurse throughout the day as well. She is a dedicated and compassionate nurse and I am lucky to have her in my life.


—Nominated by Marc LoPilato

Carolyn Dobies

Carolyn Dobies has been my son’s nurse practitioner at the pediatrics center of Harvard Vanguard since birth. Throughout the years, Carolyn has treated my son for illnesses and check-ups and has certainly demonstrated great professionalism and dedication while being sympathetic to my son’s feelings. Carolyn represents the highest quality that can and should be found in a nurse.

—Nominated by Paul Wilkins

Alisha Guertin

I have the pleasure to work with a very knowledgeable and skilled nurse. Alisha is caring, with excellent bedside manners and a great attitude with both patients and co-workers. She always strives to give the best care possible and goes above and beyond for our patients. She’s a great team player.


—Nominated by Giovanni Quintero

Diana Parks-Forbes

We are honored to nominate our colleague, Diana Parks-Forbes, NP, for her exemplary care of women for over 40 years. She co-founded the Vulvovaginal (V) Service at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates with Dr. Elizabeth Stewart in 1992. Since then, she has compassionately cared for thousands of women suffering from debilitating, humiliating, and isolating V issues. She is also recognized as a specialist in caring for pediatric patients with V pain. Her patients frequently say, “Diana saved my life.’’

—Nominated by C. Whitman, RN; K. Roberts, RN; M. Rehberg, RN; D. Lipkin, NP

Kathryn Staab

I am a physician who cares for obstetrical and gynecological patients who often require monthly or weekly visits. In the past year, I changed my schedule to see patients until 7 p.m. on Thursdays to improve their access to care without having to take time away from their jobs. My nurse, Katie, offered to stay late in the office with me to see these patients. I am not surprised by her generosity. Katie is a compassionate, kind, dedicated, intelligent woman, and a phenomenal nurse. She connects incredibly well with patients and will spontaneously call to check in on them when she knows they are having a difficult time. I feel incredibly lucky to work with Katie and to share the care of patients with her.


—Nominated by Dr. Elizabeth Gagliardi

Sue Warner

Sue Warner, a nurse practitioner, is warm and friendly and gives excellent care to her patients. She works toward building positive relationships with not only her patients, but their parents as well. She effectively uses astute judgment and is willing to ask questions and go beyond. She is a pleasure to work with.

—Nominated by Janelle Nuon

Janet Kuklinski

When we moved here over 20 years ago, my husband and I had to find a new set of doctors and nurses. Finding Janet Kuklinski was a godsend. She is a top-notch nurse. Janet has the extraordinary combination of knowledge of common sense approaches to medical issues coupled with caring and thoughtful listening. Over the years, she has remembered certain tendencies and found ways to prevent problems. Since I work with high school teens, I am exposed to many students who come to school even when they are sick. “Guess what, I have strep… mono… bronchitis…’’ Janet has given me sound advice on how to avoid catching everything that walks through my classroom door. Even while I was pregnant, she offered an alternative to a steroid cream to help clear up a skin problem. In the present world of shortened medical appointment times, she returns phone calls promptly and usually has advice that works. Janet has a good understanding of her patients’ needs. Once at a health fair, I won a raffle. The prize was a home blood pressure machine. I offered it to Janet, and she knew the perfect patient who could benefit from owning this and made sure she received it. It would be my pleasure to see her honored. She certainly deserves every accolade.


—Nominated by Deborah Savarino

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