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Judith A Ciampoli

I nominate a nurse no one ever truly sees. She works for a company whose products enhance and promote healing of critical care patients and long-term home care clients. Judie Ciampoli is a wound care specialist. She travels all over the Commonwealth instructing emergency room teams and critical care units how best to use technologically sophisticated hospital beds. She cares deeply about each patient she assesses. She is available and constantly on call to assist nurses and doctors who have questions about the care of serious wounds. She spends long hours at multiple hospitals ensuring that the patient is comfortable, safe, and has a good quality of life while he or she heals from their wounds. That is what is important to Judie Ciampoli. It is always with a sense of urgency and focus that she jumps into her care and literally clocks thousands of those extra miles on her odometer. The patients do not know Judie. The patients she sees generally do not see her more than once. What she leaves each one, however, is an investment of her heart. Surely, part of this nurse stays with her patients long after she is gone. Her dedication brings healing to thousands of seriously sick and injured who may not remember the nurse who came to them in the night of their suffering and set in motion a plan for their recovery.


—Nominated by Ann Ferry

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