Nomination Letters – Lawrence General Hospital

Angie Waters

Angie Waters truly has a passion for delivering compassionate, patient-centered, quality care. Angie encompasses what it means to be a nurse through her dedication to her patients, commitment to delivering quality and safe care, and advocating for patients and family members. Angie has been working at Lawrence General for over five years and every shift she works she exudes positivity with her radiating smile and upbeat personality. Her patients truly love her and she is a gift to the nursing profession!

—Nominated by Heather Markey

Christina Bernard and others from H4

Patient X was dying. He was struggling to breathe and filled with anxiety. He had no family or friends. Christina and the day shift nurses on the H4 unit contacted the physician and obtained orders for Mr. X to receive pain and anti-anxiety medications. After the meds were administered, the patient was much calmer and breathing more easily; it was not going to be long, but he was dying alone. As a nurse with many years of experience, I have seen many patients die, some surrounded by loved ones and others without anyone at their bedside except me. I have always promised myself that under my watch, no patient would die alone. I wanted to sit by his side, hold his hand, and speak with him to let him know he was not alone. However, as a manager, I had to leave the unit for a meeting. The unit was extremely busy that day. I spoke with my staff and let them know my concern for this patient, but knew I was asking a great deal. By the time I returned from the meeting, Mr. X had passed. Christina and the other nurses came into his room and told me that he did not die alone. They had all been there with him, speaking with him and comforting him until the end. My heart swelled with pride that these women came to the bedside of an elderly man without family or friends to ensure he felt a human touch and heard caring voices as he passed away. Mr. X was surrounded by very caring individuals who epitomize the heart of nursing.


—Nominated by Cathy McNamara

Kathy Maguire

Kathy Maguire is a nurse on the critical care unit. Not only is she an expert at providing high acuity care, but she goes out of her way to support other members of the nursing team on the unit. She is an effective communicator, and is adept at decreasing the anxiety of her patients and their loved ones. She ensures that her patients have an understanding of their condition and receive education during their stay that will help them manage their health going forward. Lastly, Kathy was recently elected co-chair of critical care’s unit council. Kathy’s can-do attitude, coupled with her involvement in quality improvement initiatives, is an asset to the unit.

—Nominated by Nicole Friel

Marilyn Arsenault

My friend Marie’s mom is a nurse and all through my own mother’s terminal illness, she was there to guide me and support me through the medical community. Without her love and support my mother wouldn’t have had quality of life in her last days and I wouldn’t have had the precious gift of those days with her. There aren’t any words to thank her enough.

—Nominated by Cheryl Delaney


Mallen Silvestre, Judy Gardella

Mallen Silvestre and Judy Gardella are nurses who are committed to providing the best patient care possible. They are fully committed nurses who go above and beyond by searching for ways to improve the quality of care that is delivered at LGH. Mallen and Judy are vital members of LGH’s rounding team and helped implement a hospital-wide rounding program called “Hourly TLC’’ that has helped us to increase patient satisfaction and safety. Mallen and Judy are compassionate, dedicated nurses who not only care for their patients, but also advocate for hospital-wide changes to improve the overall quality of care for every patient. Mallen even started the hospital’s very first video production that was used to help communicate the new rounding program hospital-wide. Thank you, Mallen and Judy.

—Nominated by Heather Markey

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