Nomination Letters – Linden Ponds Medical Center

Lisa Hennessy

I live at Linden Ponds in Hingham, MA. Linden Ponds is a retirement village serving 1,200 residents. The place is very pleasant and everyone is encouraged to help the elderly. This week, I had the occasion to visit the medical center for the purpose of having my routine blood work done. It is a pleasant center dedicated to serving the elderly with respect and dignity. During this week’s visit, the nurse introduced me to a young girl. She explained that she was in training to draw blood. The nurse carefully explained to the trainee how to tighten the tourniquet, locate the vein, and insert the needle. I was impressed with her instruction as well as the method in which she presented herself, with a smile on her face. I offered the trainee the use of my arm for practice, but the nurse said no, as the girl needed more time to become familiar with the procedure and the patient. The task was completed and I went on my merry way. When I read your spread in the Boston Globe, I immediately thought of Lisa Hennessy. I observed her kindness and caring concerns during her teaching session. While most work at medical centers seem mundane to me, it is not so at the Linden Ponds Medical Center. It is because the center cares for each individual patient as well as its new employees. All the flags you mentioned in your article are there with Lisa. She has passion and a good knowledge of her job. Her clinical and communication skills are ever-present. My thanks to you, Lisa Hennessy.


—Nominated by Rita M. Keays

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