Nomination Letters – Merrimack Valley Hospital

Diane Palmer

I am the Program Director at the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center at Merrimack Valley Hospital. Our hospital is a small, community-based facility. The wound center has been open for three years, and as the director, I have had two full-time nurses and five physicians on my team to handle patients with non-healing wounds. Our patient satisfaction rate is consistently above 95 percent. I attribute the great success of our center to the compassionate care of our nurses, particularly clinical manager Diane Palmer, RN. She is a hands-on manager, always involved and interested in the patients she sees. She leads from the heart, putting her experience on the table and offering opinions on care that best suit our patients and provide the maximum benefits of advanced wound care.


We receive thank you after thank you from patients who have been touched by her compassion and the care they receive at our center. Diane has been instrumental in the case management of all patients. When patients are not achieving the healing milestones expected, she brings their cases to the table for a physician review, so that alternatives can be discussed to jumpstart the healing. She stays on top of patients who miss appointments and proactively works on finding ways to get them here, so that they can receive the care they so desperately need. Diane teaches all the time. She makes sure that the patients understand the cause for non-healing and what our center is doing and why, every step of the way. She communicates flawlessly, with words and brochures, and reiterates compliance at every visit. Day in and day out, Diane gives 110 percent to the center and to each of her patients.

—Nominated by Heidi Perkins

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