Nomination Letters – Mount Auburn Hospital

Jeanette Clough

Ms. Clough has been the CEO of Mount Auburn Hospital for more than 15 years. Her nursing degree is from Boston University. She is admired by doctors, staff, and patients for running an excellent hospital. On my several surgeries at the hospital, she has found time to visit me. She is a superb human being. She deserves mention for professional excellence.

—Nominated by Sherwood Bain

Paula Falzone, Ginny Davis

On March 26, 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was thrust into a cyclone of hospital visits. Two nurses made the experience bearable: Paula Falzone, a bright light during a dark time, and Ginny Davis, who oriented me to radiation and with whom I spent the most time. I call them my cheerleaders.


Paula was the epitome of professionalism while being warm, considerate, supportive, positive, and upbeat. She always ensured that I was as comfortable as possible in an uncomfortable situation. She remembered that I get cold and would have blankets at the ready to keep me warm. She educated me about the phases of chemotherapy and prepared me for the difficult side effects. When I needed a port, she arranged for another patient who had been through the process to talk to me. She always made my daughter and my friends feel welcome as they accompanied me for my treatments. People might say that it is all part of her job, but Paula did more than required as I traveled the rocky road that led me into surgery and then radiation.

As the radiation took my energy and skin, Ginny patiently helped me by tending to my raw skin and my declining energy. As I thanked her for her help, she would respond, “That is why I am here.’’ At one of my treatments, she was very concerned and summoned my doctor. I had the flu and pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. While there, I was feeling very sorry for myself, when who came to visit me but Ginny. What a welcome surprise: a familiar face that brought encouragement, support, and positive energy. She also prepared me for the rush of emotions on the last day of radiation— tears and fears.


How truly special Paula and Ginny are to be able to tend to patients who are facing so many health conditions. They give of themselves to tend to our needs while inspiring us to live.

—Nominated by Eleanor Farinato

Grace Li

I would like to nominate Grace Li for my care.

—Nominated by Yung C. Hu

Ellen Goldsmith

In addition to caring for the medical needs of our family, Ellen works part-time as a nurse. The medical field is very complex, and she is fortunate to have worked at a hospital like Mount Auburn. Nurses also make great spouses. Being married to one for over 52 years has certainly enhanced my life. I would never go to see a doctor without Ellen by my side.

—Nominated by Harold L. Goldsmith

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