Nomination Letters – Quincy Medical Center

Ruth Cecchine, Barbara Connolly, Mary Ann Rockett

We don’t always know what a difference in someone’s life each of us makes, so many times we nurses work in silence and say, “It’s part of the responsibility being a nurse,’’ but I so appreciate it, and I am honored to be part of your team. We all know how hard we try, but I think we need to share our stories with each other. They are worthy of sharing, and each one of us can be proud to be a nurse at QMC.

The following is from a colleague: “I would like to share a story about my shift today that I hope makes you feel as proud to be part of QMC Emergency Department as I am. We have a homeless patient who is frequently admitted to the Emergency Department with the help of our local emergency management system. The patient is wheelchair-bound, unkempt, and in great need of tender loving care by our nurses. He arrived today shivering, in need of comfort, food, and clothing. Ruth Cecchine, Barbara Connolly and Mary Ann Rockett sprang to action, providing warm blankets, personal hygiene, clean clothes, and food, all while treating him with respect and dignity. How much more can you ask of a great team?’’


—Nominated by Helen Cole

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